Activating Patient Engagement at the Point of Care

OptionRx™ is the first direct-to-patient solution for affordability, price transparency and adherence-supportive education, activating patient engagement at the time of prescribing. Help patients understand costs and savings options for their prescriptions.

Patient-Centric Visibility

OptionRx™ delivers information and resources that educate, motivate, and empower patients at the point of prescribing in a patient-friendly format, addressing the growing need for patients to understand costs and afford their medications.

Improves Adherence for All Patients and Medications

OptionRx™ enhances prescriber-patient communication and empowers patients with their care. Your patients leave their visit with education support to be more active participants in their care and affordability options to overcome cost barriers.

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OptionRx™ Engagement Cloud

The OptionRx™ Cloud seamlessly integrates into EMRs, where personalized patient supportive resources are triggered by the medication ordering process and automatically sent to patients. Powered by machine-learning, our turnkey solution sends Rx-specific cost info, affordability options, and education resources to patients.

OptionRx Engagement Cloud

The Need For Patient Affordability Tools

With Rx cost-burden for patients increasing every year, cost-based abandonment of medication is a growing concern for healthcare providers. Health systems are recognizing rising consumerism by patients and how affordability is top of mind for patients starting medications. OptionRx™ helps patients understand their affordability options, including cash offers outside insurance.

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